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We are especially practicing in the following areas:

Law of Succession
Testamentary Dispositions/Wills, Succession Management in Family Businesses, Division of Estates, Execution of Will, Estate Administration/Representation of Heirs, etc.

Family Law
Choice of Marital Property Regime, Concubinage Agreements, Registered Partnership, Divorce, Separation, Alimony/Child Maintenance, Parental Custody, Visiting Rights, Kinship and Guardianship Law, etc.

Property Law
Ownership and Possession, Unlawful Interferences into Properties, Land Register, Neighboring Rights, Building Rights, etc.

Labor Law
Employment Agreements, Unemployment Insurance, Social Security, Work Permits, Notices, etc.

Lease Agreements, Eviction Suits, Protection against Termination of Lease, Protection against Unfair Rents, Extension of the Lease, Representation before Arbitration Boards, etc.

Law of Contracts
Negotiation and Drafts of all Types of Contracts, General Terms and Conditions (GTC), Interpretation of Contracts, Contractual Liability, Claim and Demand Disputes, etc.

Corporate and Commercial Law
Choice of Legal Form, Formation, Liquidation, Corporate Governance, Shareholder Agreements, Bylaws, Associations, etc.

Non-Contractual Liability Law
Obligations in Tort, Parent’s Liability  / Employer’s Liability/ Pet Owner's Liability / Liability of the Owners of the Ground and Plant, Liability of Judgment Incompetence, Hazard Liability, etc.

Criminal Law, Traffic Law
Criminal Complaints, Private Lawsuits, Criminal Defense, Victim Assistance, Road Traffic Offenses, Driver's License Revocation, etc.

Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law
Debt Collection, Enforcement, Dismissal of Objection, Filing of Claims, Bankruptcy, Attachment of a Debtor’s Assets, etc.

Representation before Courts (all Instances) and Administrative Authorities.


*The executor is appointed by testamentary disposition. He / she is under supervision of the State. The executor represents the will of the testator after his death. He / she administers the estate, dissolves the household, handles all administrative aspects (collection of outstanding credits, settlement of debts, distribution of general legacies, taxes, liquidation statements, etc.) and divides the estate. He / she represents the estate independently and autonomously at banks, government agencies, insurance companies, courts, etc. In times of grief, he / she provides valuable assistance and relieves the heirs of straining administrative tasks. The appointment of an executor helps to avoid disputes among heirs or to resolve them amicably. If so desired, the heirs will be involved in all aspects of the executor’s business and their wishes will be taken into account. Though, the last will of the deceased has always top priority!